Monday, April 9, 2007

How Do I Find Free Wifi in Chicago?

If you are asking yourself "how do I find free WiFi in Chicago?", you have come to the right place to find free wireless hotspots.� One online directory that is easy to use can help you find Wifi hotspots all over town.� The first result that comes up in Chicago, by going through this city-wide Wifi hotspot directory, is Jazz It Cafe, located at 4202 West Irving Park Road in Chicago, Illinois.

It is a user-friendly directory for locating Wifi hotspots in Chicago and it's called Anchor Free.� At this directory, you can find many special tips and products to assist you in your search for free Wifi across the Chicago area.� So don't sit around waiting to find that Wifi hotspot in Chicago that you've been looking for; try the directory now and make plans to go out and have some fun!

For more information on Wifi hotspots in Chicago, check out Anchor Free and you'll be on your way to a super Wifi hotspot in no time. Remember, if you run into someone else who asks you "How do I find free WiFi in Chicago?", you'll have a good place to send them now.


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