Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wanted: Wife-Swapping Robot Enthusiasts

This is definitely the day for strange robot news. First robots touting
sex clubs, now this. The ABC reality show Wife Swap, is seeking
with at least one child between 6 and 17 in which one parent is a robot
"enthusiast". Apparently, the premise of the show is that the wives of
two wildly differing families are swapped for one week and the ensuing
madness is turned into a reality TV show. Julia Jenkins, one the show's
casting producers says they have always wanted to do a show involving a
robot geek and now they're asking to help find one. If your family meets the requirements and they
pick you to do the show, you'd get paid $20,000 for your troubles in
addition to your 15 minutes of fame. Read on for the details and contact
information - and make
sure you let Julia know that sent you her way.


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