Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Robot News Roundup

In no particular order, here are several shorter news items that have
been collecting dust in our inbox. The Swirling
Brain sent a link to a sort of three-legged robot simulator called
acrobots. Is it a game? Is it a
graphics demo? Who knows, but it's fun to play with. A couple of readers
mentioned a Wired article about Bobby
Zokaites and his modified Roomba Art Bots. Roland Piquepaille
has written a new blog post about jewelry polishing
robots that can grind and polish rings faster than human jewelers.
The BBC reports that robot blimps
will be fighting crime in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. For a more
down-to-Earth story, the MAKE blog has a nice intro on the idea of Open
Source Hardware.


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