Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Roboticist Killed in VA Tech Shooting

Kevin P.
Granata of the VA Tech Musculoskeletal
Biomechanics lab was one of several faculty members killed in
shooting rampage by South Korean Cho Seung-Hui at the university.
Granata's research was
in biomechanics and biomimetric robotics. He also worked on robotic
mobility aids for the elderly such as the MARC
Robotic Walker, which can switch from a passive walker to an
intelligent mobility aid that steers the user when needed. Granata was
said to be one of the top
five biomechanics researchers in the US working on the movement
dynamics of cerebral palsy. At least two other professors, including
engineer Liviu
Librescu, were killed in the shooting, along
with as many as 30 students. More
news on the shooting.


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