Saturday, April 21, 2007

R2S2: Steam-Powered Astromech Droid

I-Wei Huang of of Crabfu
SteamWorks writes, "I've recently finished a steam project that
is... well you'd just have to see it, guaranteed to put a smile on your
face :)"
His latest creation is a steam powered version of
everyone's favorite Astromech droid, R2D2. In honor of it's motive
power source, the robot is named R2S2, short for R2 Steam Too. This
amazing little robot burns a propane butane mix and relies on two
Wilesco D48 marine engines. This isn't the first amazing steam-powered
creation to come from Crabfu SteamWorks. We've also mentioned his steam-powered Armatron,
the steam-powered 6 Wheel
Rover, and other assorted steam-powered


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