Monday, April 2, 2007

Laser Equipped 50 Foot Michael Jackson Robot

The Swirling
Brain sent us a Michael-Jackson-robot news
item so weird, we at first assumed it
was an April Fools joke, but it appears to be for
real (or at least as
real as anything is in Michael Jackson's universe). The eccentric
pop personality may have a 50 foot tall "robot" constructed in his own
Laser beams
would "shoot out of it", making it visible from passing aircraft. The
robot would be constructed in Vegas where it would promote his shows
(and perhaps use it's lasers to destroy those who don't attend?).
Drawings of the robot were prepared by fashion designer Andre Van Pier, who has designed
futuristic props such as spacesuits worn by U2 members during a benefit
concert. How would Jackson pay for his 50 foot robot
doppelganger? There is speculation that Paul McCartney may invest in the
project to get back part of the 25 percent of the Beatles catalog still
owned by Jackson. Gizmodo
editors note, "No word on whether there will be a 35-foot-tall
little boy for him to molest as well."
. The Monterey
County Herelad suggests a 10 foot companion would be more likely.


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