Monday, April 9, 2007

How to Make a Cool GIF

If you are wanting to make a cool GIF, there are endless possibilities on what you can come up with for a GIF design.� First of all, the most convenient and the quickest way to produce a cool GIF file is to go to the Yahoo Webpage to begin with and search under the "image" search engine.� When inputting your search criteria into the "image" search engine for Yahoo, input whatever image that you would like to produce a GIF file of into the search engine.� For example:� I input the criteria "rose gif" into the search engine, and I got a numerous amount of image files that came up with that search criteria.� In searching around the GIF files within this "rose gif" search selection category, I then copied and pasted the URL information at the bottom of the particular rose GIF file that I selected as the one that I would like to produce.� When I opened up the file, I then found a directory of all sorts of rose GIFs that I could utilize in an email to someone for Valentine's day.� The particular rose GIF that I selected to use was the "heart rose" GIF, and it produced many images that I could then transfer for download to a website, copy into an email, and use for any design purpose that I saw fit, such as a very nice Valentine's card to send out to special loved ones or friends.

So the next time that you would like to know how to make a cool GIF, just utilize the Yahoo "image" search engine by inputting your criteria for the particular image that you want to produce and add the extension "GIF" to the name of the image, and you will come up with several results to choose from.� You can design logos, make pictures, postcards, emails, and many other artistic designs with this feature on Yahoo "image" search.�


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