Monday, April 9, 2007

How to Install Window 2000 Professional

Would you like to know how to install Windows 2000 Professional?� If so, you are in luck because the people at Microsoft have the instructions laid out for you step by step.� You can install Windows 2000 Professional by going to the appropriate URL at MicroSoft and following the directions.� Below is the URL and some tips from the MicroSoft website:

  • First, of course, you should have the MicroSoft Windows 2000 Professional disks to begin the installation.

  • Second, if you need to create boot disks, there is an instructional process at the site at this URL to help you do just that.� The article number is 19706.

  • The URL that is available to step you through the MicroSoft Windows 2000 Professional setup is located at

  • Follow the 16 steps that MicroSoft has available for the Windows 2000 Professional setup, and you will succeed in a solid installation of the Windows 2000 Professional Software/Operating System.

For the full 16 steps for how to install Windows 2000 Professional, visit the above URL to begin the setup process. Be sure to follow the directions to a "T."


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