Monday, April 9, 2007

How to Become a Member of Runescape for Free

If you would like to know how to become a member of Runescape for free, you can do so by visiting the online site sponsored by CNET Networks Entertainment, which includes a gamespot.� After joining the CNET Gamespot at, you will then have the opportunity to search for Jagex.� In turn, Jagex is supposed to offer a membership to Runescape for Free.

Go to the site, which is sponsored by CNET Networks Entertainment and give it a try.� The suggestion to join Jagex, which then gives you free access to Runescape comes from another article, or blogspot, that I found online called 43 Things,� This suggestion is backed up on the blogspot by someone with knowledge of how to become a member of Runescape for free.

According to the blogs at CNET Networks Entertainment's Gamespot, runescape is a "Javabased multiplayer online game." Sounds like fun to me.� Make sure that you read the news article, which is listed under "Stories," at the CNET Networks Entertainment's Gamespot section.� This will give you a much better idea of just what an awesome game Runescape is and exactly how to become a member of Runescape for free.


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