Monday, April 9, 2007

How Do You Get to the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald?

Anyone that plays the Pokemon Emerald game wants to know how to get to the sky pillar in Pokemon Emerald.� So, just sit back, and we will go through some things with you that are taken off the website at Kidz World,� According to the website for game cheats at Kidz World online, the Sky Pillar is one of the coolest places to get to in the game.� It is the home of one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, consists of an ancient tower, and Kidz World can supply you with the details on how to get there.

For instance, Kidz World offers a walkthrough on how to get to the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald, and the Pokemon game cheat for getting to the Sky Pillar comes complete with codes, secrets, hints, and tips straight from Cheat Street.� For more information on how you can get to the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald by using this game cheat strategy, go to the official Kidz World website.�


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