Monday, April 9, 2007

Final Fantasy X at Fan Fiction Website in C2

If you are familiar with the Fan Fiction website, then you probably know that there are many Final Fantasy X stories at this site that are in the C2 section of the website.� Just on a search at the website, located at, I found several Final Fantasy X stories in the C2 section; as a matter of fact, my search through the C2 section of the site produced close to 3000 total stories located online at this resource.

Of course, in order to make it a bit more clear as to what this website entails, it is an X-rated story website where explicit� language is within the content of the story.� The Fan Fiction website has stories that are commented on at the site in blogs for each one, and there are reviews by the audience for each story.� As a matter of fact, this website has a menu section where you can search through the database of stories in their directory, which includes the C2 section.

Remember when you search through the stories that this site is recommended for adults only.


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