Monday, April 9, 2007

Disc Read Error Fix for PS2 Without Opening It

If you are looking for a disc read error fix for PS2 without opening it, that problem may be a complicated one to overcome, but there are good technical forums online that can bring you as close to a solution as you can get with this problem.� First of all, it is said that if the PS2 is opened for the purpose of fixing a disc read error, then if the disc read error is not fixed with the process, Sony then reserves the right to not fix your problem with a disc read if you then send it into Sony to fix.

However, there is a place online that gives out advice on what the problem may be with your Sony machine when you are trying to find a disc read error fix for PS2 without opening it.� This site online is a technical forum that is called Tech Faq, located at online, where there are lots of people who give advice on the cause of the disc read error that you may be experiencing with your Sony PS2 and guides you on how you can begin to fix the disc read error that you have obtained on your PS2 without opening it.

There are other places around the Internet that suggest completely replacing the disk on the PS2, which does involve opening it, and the trick is to not touch anything else when you do, or you could acquire many major problems with your PS2 by ruining other parts of the machine.� The removal of the disk, according to one place on line, is the best thing, and replacing it with another disk, which usually solves the whole problem, but when you do, you open it at your "own risk."

My advice would be to consult with good forums located at places that specialize in PC disk read errors, then go from there.� Ask questions in regard to your disc read error problems with your PS2.� Places online such as PC Pitstop and PC Tools may be able to help you with your disc read error fix for PS2 without opening it.


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