Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Web Based Remote Computer Technical Support Service

Remote computer support can be provided either via Windows Remote Assistance or software that specially designed which we have to install on our PC. As a result, there is always a hassle to install a separate software onto the PC in order to provide or receive remote assistance.

To save the one who provides or receives remote assistance from hassles, Athivision Inc, a New Jersey, USA based corporation offers a web based remote assistance service as a better solution, named iRemotePC Remote Support. This service is practically useful when remote assistance is needed immediately. This is because remote assistance has been simplified further as now there is no installation is required, no software nor ActiveX components is required!

Imagine if a company has to provide instant training or support to 10 of their employees at remote places, the training or support can be provided without delay by simply access to iRemotePC Remote Support members area using any web browser then create a secured connection to employees’ PCs.

iRemotePC Remote Support not only offers an ease for remote assistance, it provides also end-to-end secure encrypted (industry-standard 128 bit SSL & AES encryption methods) and firewall-friendly connection. In other words, the service will work safely and securely behind Firewalls by having encrypted connection between the 2 PCs during remote session.

One feature that I like about this web based service is that iRemotePC Remote Support comes with a full-featured chat, where chat with the client’s PC is possible in real-time while diagnosing and remotely accessing their PC.

Anyway, to understand how iRemotePC Remote Support works, there is a link for quick start guide on that page.

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