Wednesday, August 22, 2007

UK Shopping Search Engine

Online shopping has gain its popularity all around the world nowadays with the advance of the Internet. Just like the amount of websites we can find on the Internet, there are too many online deals for us to choose from. Hence we do need a search engine which helps us to aggregate all merchant offers, just like what Google is helping us in searching of websites.

twengaTwenga is a UK Shopping Search Engine which was launched in 2006. The shopping search engine finds the best and relevant deals for any product ranged from household appliances, fashion, furnitures, computer hardware, etc. Deals in UK, France, Spain and Italy are now available in Twenga Search.

I am actually hunting for a new mobile phone right now, so I did a search in Twenga for Nokia N80. On top of the description of the mobile phone the search result showed me 13 reviews of the product. These reviews comprises of consumer and expert reviews. Besides, the best price I can get from major online sellers can be found on the left side of the search result too.

I’m pretty sure with such handy UK shopping search engine available, searching for best deals online has become as easy as ever.

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