Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Robot News Roundup

Sorry for the news slowdown folks! Let's see if we can get things
rolling again by cleaning out the editor's inbox. Tom Whitwell of the
Times Online sent a link to their list of The
50 Greatest Movie Robots. To help differentiate their list from the
many others out there, they also classify each robot on a scale of 1 to
10 in four different categories: plausibility, coolness, dangerousness,
and comedy value. The Swirling Brain sent us a Telegraph
UK story on the discovery of a way to reverse the Casimir effect.
This could lead to something called Quantumm
Levitation and near frictionless MEMS and nano-scale machines.
Charlie Kondek sent us two more YouTube
marketing videos featuring fembots. Sergey Popov let us know about
Skilligent's proprietary, off-the-shelf robot learning software.
Finally, we also got a link to a Time/CNN
photo gallery of RoboCup 2007. For more and
better RoboCup 2007 photos, try flickr.
Know any other robot news, gossip, or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way please.


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