Wednesday, August 22, 2007

iBegin Source - Place To Get Local Business Data

Yellow pages is often the source for us to search for local stores and services, be it online yellow pages or printed yellow pages. I particularly like online yellow pages very much, as usually I am just a few clicks away from what I want to find in my local area.

However, in many cases accurate and updated data is something missing in most online yellow pages. That is where iBegin Source comes into play and offers you reliable and up-to-date business data in the US.

At iBegin Source, you can search for any local store or service grouped by state or by business. For example, I did a search for Automobile Repairing & Service in Oxford and I found Tim’s Auto Tech with just a few clicks. One thing I found very helpful in iBegin Source is the integration of Google Map into the information page. Now it’s even easier to locate a store with the map!

iBegin Source keeps their data up-to-date because it it an open system. In other words, at any time the store owner is able to edit the information page in order to keep the information of their store as accurate as possible. iBegin Source even goes further to ensure the data is accurate by obtaining and combining records from various telco and state agencies to keep track of new, updated, and dead businesses. Updated contact information is very important to any business owner, any inaccuracy in contacts of the store would result loss in business.

By the way, the business data available at iBegin Source can be downloaded free for non-commercial use. Whereas the commercial license is only US$1000 for any state in the US or US$40,000 for the entire USA.

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