Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pointing Device For Your TV

Ever think of using a “mouse-like” device as pointing device for your TV instead of the dull TV remote control? You know, like having a cursor moving in your TV just like what we have for PC?

Hillcrest Labs actually has this revolutionary pointing device for TV called HōMETM Interactive Media System.

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Hillcrest Labs’ HōMETM Interactive Media System combines the first graphical, zoomable interface for television with a patented motion control technology called FreespaceTM. Where Freespace is a motion control technology senses motion in three dimensions and precisely translates human motions into on–screen cursor movement.

This device is used with a special program to recognize hand movements and provides graphical interface for televisions. In fact, the HōME software can be embedded in a broad range of digital media devices, including high definition televisions, set–top boxes, and PCs too.

Here is a video demonstration of this futuristic device by CNET. The device looks very promising even though it will only hit the market maybe another year later.

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