Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Cheap Long Distance Calls Using Comfi.com

Cost of making local and international call using phone/calling cards is quite cheap nowadays. I like to use phone cards to make international call especially when I’m traveling instead of making expensive roaming calls. There is one thing I don’t like about ordinary phone cards is that we need to remember the PIN number on every calling card we buy. Needless to say those PIN numbers are long and hard to remember.

Comfi.com is a leading Internet communication company offering online PIN-less and refillable phone cards for you to make cheap long distance calls. Furthermore, Comfi.com has a wide variety of phone cards to suit everyone’s needs. Many of their online phone cards are refillable, which means you can top up the credit in the same card and use it repeatedly without having to purchase a new card.

Once you’ve purchase a PIN-free and refillable card from Comfi.com, you may sign up an account with them and register your phone number with them. So, when you are dialing using the phone number registered, you don’t even have to enter the lengthy PIN number ANYMORE!

Well, two more thing you might be interested to know are the charges of Comfi.com phone cards and finding the best calling rate in Comfi.com.

Besides calling from normal phone, some Comfi.com phone cards allow you to make calls from the web page itself. Making calls using SMS, PDA or any WiFi network is also possible! Now you can make call from anywhere without no PIN needed, no software to download and install, no roaming charges, no wires!

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