Monday, June 11, 2007

Random Robot News Roundup

Here's another weekly dump of robot links from our news inbox. Roland
Piquepaille sent a link to his latest blog post
about Lord of the Rings special effects people building
a robot to help save a 200-million year old reptile species. We also
received a link to a YouTube video about
Mr. Woo, a Chinese man who builds walking robots of all sizes; some
small enough to hold in your, others big enough to ride on. Dominic
L├ętourneau sent a link to Reddy, an emotional
humanoid robot from RoboMotio. The Swirling
Brain pointed out a Planetary
Society story about the next generation Mars Rover, a really creepy-looking child android
named CB2, and a Slashdot
article about the Hubo
FX-1 chairbot, a chair that's also a biped robot. VIA sent us
pricing info on the Pico-ITX motherboards
that we reported on a couple of months ago. Expect them to retail for
$230-260 in the US. Know any other robot news, gossip, or amazing facts
we should report here? Send 'em our
way please.


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