Friday, June 22, 2007

Original Lost in Space Robot Donated to NASA

Robot B9 is one of the most famous hollywood robots of all time. Two
B9 Robots were made for the Lost in Space TV series, one a fully detailed
shell with space for an actor inside
and the
second, a less-detailed background prop. In 2003 the lesser of the two
robots sold for $230,000 on
eBay to a private collector. The restored,
fully detailed B9 has been in the hands of Sheila Allen, wife of Lost
in Space creator Irwin Allen - until now. Allen
has donated the robot to
NASA where it will become a "permanent resident of the Kennedy Space
Center' Visitors Complex."
For more, video and audio are available
in NASA's
weekly podcast for June 15. If you'd like your own B9, don't forget
that licensed, full size
B9 replicas are being produced for anyone who can plonk down $25,000.


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