Monday, June 11, 2007

Japanese Robot Disgusted with President Bush

According to a Reuters
story (alt
link), the creepy-looking Japanese humanoid robot, Kansei, generates
facial expression when you talk to it. The facial expressions are based
on the most common reaction that normal people have to a database of
500,000 English words. For example, hearing the word sushi makes the
robot smile; hearing the words Bush or Iraq causes expressions of
disgust and fear. The robot's face is equipped to generate 36 different
facial expressions in many different combinations. The expressions are
intended to improve human-robot interaction by mimicking normal human
expressions that occur during conversations. Kansei was developed as
part of a research project by Professor Takeno Jun'ichi at
the Robot and Science Lab of
Meiji University. For more you can read a
2005 Discovery
Channel report on Kansei (PDF format). There's also a short YouTube video
about Kansei. We reported on Kansei a couple of years ago when
it had a smaller vocabulary


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