Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fedora Electronic Laboratory

The next version of Red Hat's Fedora
Linux will offer a feature called
Electronic Laboratory that should be of interest to robotics and
electronics hobbyists. Fedora Electronic Lab will include free software
for ASIC and VLSI design, verilog and VHDL hardware design, SPICE
simulation, PCB layout, schematic capture, timing and waveform
visualization, 3D layout visualization, and microcontroller programming
tools including Atmel AVR and PIC tools. Many of the free software tools
were already available but required compilation or complex installation
to use. Now they'll be available to all Fedora Linux users without any
extra work. A LiveCD version will also be available. Over 250
Universities are know to already use the VLSI tools in this collection,
so having a
complete Linux distro with the tools included should be a big time
saver. Fedora Electronic Lab is largely the result of efforts by Chitlesh Goorah to collect
useful existing free software for electronic engineers.


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