Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dean Kamen's Prosthetic Arm

Natasha Dantzig of TED (Technology,
Entertainment, and Design) writes,
"We've released a new talk by Dean Kamen ... (plus video clip)
about the robotic prosthetic arm he's building for Iraq veterans. This
project has
been boingboinged, but no one has seen this clip in all its
The TED Dean
Kamen talk is viewable in MP4
format (22MB download) from the TED website. If you don't have the
latest video codec or don't want to wait for a 22MB download, try
viewing the YouTube version of the
talk, which should be viewable in almost any browser. The wars in
Iraq and Afganistan have generated over 30,000 US
casualties, (not to mention the estimated 70,000+ Iraqi deaths). This has
created a booming market for prosthetics of all types.
We've reported previously on DARPA's Prostethics
Program, Toyoto's leg,
RIC's bionic arm, C-Leg and other robotic
prosthetic limbs, and the Open Prosthetics Project.


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