Monday, July 2, 2007

Gelernter says AI is Lost in the Woods

Gelernter has made a name for himself by being as pessimistic about
AI as researchers like Kurzweil are optimistic (the two debated each other last
year). He describes himself as an "anticognitivist" (presumably he's
only opposed to cognition in machine, not humans, however, so a label
like anti-machine-cognitivist might be more accurate). Gelernter's
latest rant against AI says AI researchers are missing the "most
important fact", something he calls a "cognitive continuum", something
that "connects the seemingly unconnected puzzle pieces of thinking".
Without this cognitive continuum, "AI is lost in the woods" according to
Gelernter. He goes on to bring up the usual anti-AI arguments like the
Searle's Chinese Room. Interestingly, considering yesterday's post on
definitions, he talks about consciousness, intelligence, and emotion
without offering any definitions.


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