Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Robot News Roundup

Nelson Bridwell sent us
links to interesting video from last month's Robots and
Vision 2007 conference including the Velodyne
HDL-64E Lidar system that may be used by several DARPA Urban
Challenge teams, the Motoman
2-armed robot, and the Barrett
Technology WAM Arm. Charlie Kondek of MS&L wrote, "We're working
on a new campaign ... that I thought might be of interest to your
readers because it features a
Seed Magazine published an article
on roboethics recently that includes a little uncredited input from
yours truly. Elsewhere, researchers have finally perfected an unbeatable
checkers algorithm but Chess and Go are still beyond the grasp of
machines. Another reader pointed out an Engadget story with photos of a
Gundam robot replica at a Japanese amusement park. Know any other
robot news, gossip, or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way


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