Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tiny Terminators: DARPA's Cyborg Bugs are Back

We reported back in
2006 on DARPA's HI-MEMS
project to engineer cyborg
miltary insects. The Cyborg bugs are back in the news today. The
Swirling Brain sent us a link to a new post in the
Infowars blog commenting on a recent
Article at The Register based on an article
in the UK TimesOnline from a week ago that quotes Rodney Brooks,
"This is going to happen <...> A bunch of experiments have been done
over the past couple of years where simple animals, such as rats and
cockroaches, have been operated on and driven by joysticks, but this is
the first time where the chip has been injected in the pupa stage and
'grown' inside it."
The Register decribes the process succinctly as
"chipping-up innocent creatures and turning them into zombie slaves
under computer control." Best of all, the Times articles refers to these
things as "tiny Terminators".


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