Thursday, March 29, 2007

Subsumption Examples in Real Robots

A recent
discussion on the Dallas Personal
Robotics Group mailing list led to a series of postings
by David P. Anderson about
the subsumption architecture he implemented in the control software of
his robots, SR04
and jBot.
David has compiled his subsumption postings and added references, code
samples, and
diagrams to help explain his approach in a new article posted on
the DPRG website. He also provides
links to video of his robots
demonstrating the behaviors that result. There is a wealth of useful
information here for anyone interested in the real world use of
subsumption. For more technical information on the style of subsumption
championed by Rodney
Brooks, see his paper, Intelligence
without representation (PDF format). If you're new to the whole idea
and wondering what it's all about, Wikipedia offers a concise
explanation of Subsumption architecture.


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