Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Robot Events

So, you're sulking because you missed the

North American Robot Safety Conference in Ontario this week.
No need to fret, polish up your business plan and get the suit cleaned
for the

ROBOBusiness Conference & Expo 2007 in Boston - May 15-16.
Programs include talks by Dan Kara, iRobot Chairman Helen Greiner,
and Microsoft's Tandy
Next stop, the International

Robots & Vision show, June 12-14 in Chicago.
Then dash over to Vancouver on June 18-20 for the
conference on neural networks, evolutionary computing, and
fuzzy systems.
After all that running around, make way to the basement to finsh
up your project for the
Maker Faire in Texas this October.

Source: http://www.netchain.com

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