Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random Robot News Roundup

Here's your weekly dump of random robot news that has been collecting in
our inbox. CNET posted a new interview
with Rodney Brooks. Yes, another one. You can never have too many Rodney Brooks
interviews. Roland Piquepaille emailed three recent robot stories from
his blog, one about a new robotic cable inspection
system, one about a predictive SLAM
algorithm being developed at Purdue University, and one
about a Japanese
effort to develop a 2 cm robot that can swim within the human
gastrointestinal tract. Roger F. Gay wrote to tell us about a somewhat
essay he wrote on new proprietary genetic programming software
designed to give robots an imagination. John Palmisano of the Society of
Robots website wrote to let us know about his new step-by-step
tutorial for building a robot with a budget of less than $50. He's
also created a
contest for the cardboard-wheeled robots and is offering two $100
prizes for the winners. Known any other robot news, gossip, or amazing
facts we should report here? Send 'em
our way please.


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